Neo africa, neo-Christian, neo-Platonism, neo-Platonic neo-Gothic neo-Impressionism, neo-Capitalism, neo-Fascist, neo-Nationalist, neo-Canadian, neo-Aramaean, neo-Cretaceous, Neophobia... We don't care about any of this, "we're only moving forward" with the bubbling bubbling that comes from an old continent

Neoafrica, ... the guy at ease.

The Neoafrica effect

Neoafrica, the new folklore

   At ease everywhere, from Shanghai to New York, from the capital to the village, from zanzibar to Helsinki, that's the Neoafrican style.

    effet_neoafrica... new or not, just another Africa

Who are we ? Blabla blabla ...

...., but the integration of knitwear in contemporary African fashion has its origins 
in the culture of the Ethiopian and Kenyan peoples of the highlands. African clothes
 in Central Africa did not practice the shimmering colors brought by the Arabs, 
the non-woven and braided had reached a level of finesse unequaled and even in their great wisdoms 
and their spirit of openness, the African peoples have always been able to integrate the external contributions that it is Hindu
 in voodoo or Muslim in the mythical zanzibar, of all the countries that ... they populated the whole surface of the earth
and they knew how to mix without dissolving ..... which makes that now the fruit is ripe and this great melting-pot, 
is in its ability to integrate and transform .... defines everything that comes from Africa ... hold a pot of yogurt! ......

A feeling, an impression that we are the world of today and tomorrow and we do not see further .. history will define us, we are there a little happy, with lots of things to do every morning ...

... and I believe that as a more cosmopolitan people than Africans and more attentive to their origins and as numerous on all the surface of the planet there is not then yes there is perhaps at this moment a conjunction not not so that there is an African fashion, but that the fashion is African



[...] Since always, it exists, and it still speaks of it everywhere ... Today, the African fashion is everywhere and the African creators innovate from day to day [...]

... just because the "neoafrican" likes the hipster and adopts it by insuflant of his culture

Did you know?

The prefix hip, whose use appears in the United States at the XVIIIecentury, would be a defector of the Wolof language and would mean "to see", "to illuminate", or to hipi, « open the eyes»