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A whole range of African fashion accessories on Neoafrica the only marketplace Ethics installed in West Africa, the creative craftsmen that our animators approved after visiting their workshop, directly offer you a range of African fashion accessories: African handbags, African tote bags, African jewelery, elegantly knotted African scarves, African snoods, belts, hip loops, purses, African wallets, African fabric vanity, vanity case, ties, neck collar, African bow ties or lavallières in wax, African hats and caps, pagnes in bazin or Kenté. The creativity of our African creative artisans has no limitations, originality and diversity guaranteed. If you want an Afro hipster, ethnic chic, afro chic or pan-African chic look Authentic; you will find your happiness on Neoafrica. All are made in Africa by our African creative artisans according to the rules of fair trade as defined in our charter.

Our ethical charter

Neoafrica delivers all over the world for its Approved Creator Craftsmen.

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Beautiful handmade African handbag made by African craftsman in wax fabric and a part in leather according to the ethical standard. Make your purchases quickly with this African bag. This African fashion bag is very practical.