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For african handbags and african bags, the creative artisans of Neoafrica, the only ethical platform installed in Africa, offer you their original creations. You've got it for every occasion: evening lady handbag, ultra chic African wallets, wax tote bags with African motifs or everyday African bags. dashiki tote bags, traditional kenté and bogolan handbags or backpacks. In base leather, imitation leather or cotton. All our bags are made in real fashionable African wax loincloth or hand-stained bazin chic. For its creative craftsmen approved Neoafrica book all over the world.

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Price $112.32

Set of matching bag and hat, hand crocheted with tinted or natural raffia.A range of sets embellished with leather logo, imitation patches, and decorated with snaps in the same tones as the body of the bag.The assorted hats are crocheted in different models to allow you to choose which one suits you best, whether for color or style in general.

Price $28.08

Beautiful handmade African handbag made by African craftsman in wax fabric and a part in leather according to the ethical standard. Make your purchases quickly with this African bag. This African fashion bag is very practical.

Regular price $50.54 -$5.62 Price $44.93

African handmade EFOYE backpack in African fabric for child and teenager. It is waterproof, customizable and super resistant. Contains a pocket for your computer and small inside and outside pocket for storing your belongings.

Regular price $67.39 -$11.23 Price $56.16

African backpack in the shape of a handmade suitcase with African fabric with tribal pattern. It is waterproof and very resistant. Made like a suitcase to allow you to go away for the weekend. Its interior is large and spacious to hold your clothes, computers etc.... It has several inside and outside pockets.

Price $17.12

African handmade bottle bag made of batik fabric. Suitable for both wine and liqueurs, this bag is a solution for easy transport of your products. It will allow you to highlight your bottles thanks to their ethnic aspect. What are you waiting for to buy yourself this bag. For more information please contact me. Thank you.

Price $28.08

African style beach bag will suit you very well at the beach, at the market. This African bag made of wax fabric gives you the look of African fashion. Buy this African beach bag ethically and you will be delivered anywhere in the world by neoafrica.

Price $28.08

Pretty Beach Bag of African fashion will suit you very well at the beach or in the open air. Made of wax fabric, it is also perfect for your shopping, durable and helpful anywhere. Neoafrica, a true ethical e-commerce company, brings you African creativity from all over the world