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Real natural coconut oil good for use in cooking and hair careThese benefits are:    Nourishes and smoothes the hair fiber, strengthens it and makes it shiny.    Ideal for curly, frizzy and afros hair.

Price $8.99

Lemongrass is used as an infusion, refreshing and pleasant to drink. The essential oil of citronella is attributed therapeutic benefits (aromatherapy) such as: a vasodilating action (it dilates the blood vessels), helps digestion, an anti-inflammatory, sedative effect (an anti-depressant on the nervous system, tranquilizer), an aid in the fight against...

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Virgin avocado oil, 100% pure, unrefined and cold-pressed. Beautiful green colour and characteristic smell of avocado. Effective moisturizer for body, face and hands, recommended for mature and dry skin.

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Make your natural care suitable for the whole family with raw shea butter which is a concentrate of hydration and vitality for your skin and hair.This butter is made from these seeds.Some benefits of shea butter:- healing properties thanks to the high proportion of unsaponifiables (repairing active ingredients).- Moisturizing properties, comparable to the...