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                                  A wide choice of African clothes

A wide selection of African clothing, wax clothing inspired by African fashion. Find African outfits for men, women and children. African designers of Neoafrica who are full of creativity and technical skills revisit for you the shimmering and elegant outfits that African people have been wearing for centuries drawing from the immense treasure of African fabrics. Printed fabrics and colorful loincloths, In this category, there is no longer the famous WAX, waxed and printed fabric of high quality, but there are also Bogolan, Faso dan Fani, Manjak, Kente, Ndop, bazin, Rabal, Korhogo, etc. All our creative artisans know the richness and variety of these African fabrics. On NeoAfrica you will find one of the largest selection of African fashion made by Africans. On Neoafrica African clothing, you will walk inside their shop, the clothes you will find it is to them that you will buy them directly. All these African couturiers we went to them, all they comply with our ethical charter and social.                              Our ethical charter

                                                        Neoafrica deliver for its African creative artisans all over the world;

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