Neoafrica Ethical and Social Charter

Neoafrica is committed to working daily in accordance with this ethical and social charter:

Fair trade :

All the products we offer are handmade and made in Africa. Orders are passed directly to producers through his shop on Neoafrica. We regularly go to his home to check his work, assist him and train him to be in adequacy with the requirement of quality demanded by the world market to which he is given access. Together we set rates that allow him to live worthily from his work and to be in line with the market.

Respect the environment :

We accompany our creative craftsmen at every stage to find with them the best processes to avoid any polluting process or generating waste material or energy. When we select a creative craftsman, we make sure that the craftsman works with respect for the environment at every stage of the manufacturing process. We regularly visit manufacturing workshops to check their compliance with our requirements.
Any practice that we consider polluting leads to the immediate abandonment of our collaboration with the creative craftsman.

In 2001, the leading FINE Fair Trade Federations (Fair Trade Organization - WFTO, Fairtrade International and European Fair Trade Association - EFTA) proposed a common definition of fair trade: "Fair Trade is a business partnership based on dialogue, transparency and respect, the goal of which is to achieve greater equity in world trade ".

It contributes to sustainable development by providing better trading conditions and guaranteeing the rights of marginalized producers and workers, especially in the South. Fair trade organizations (supported by consumers) are actively engaged in supporting producers, raising awareness and campaigning for changes in the rules and practices of conventional international trade. "FINE, 2001 Neoafrica adheres to the principles of the international charter of fair trade.