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Our artisans offer a wide selection of hats, caps and headgear in African fabric and wax inspired by the African spirit. African hats caps and hats from our approved craftsmen are delivered all over the world

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Price $112.32

Set of matching bag and hat, hand crocheted with tinted or natural raffia.A range of sets embellished with leather logo, imitation patches, and decorated with snaps in the same tones as the body of the bag.The assorted hats are crocheted in different models to allow you to choose which one suits you best, whether for color or style in general.

Price $33.70

Depending on whether it is oriented to the left or to the right, whether it is raised and positioned straight on the head or pointed horizontally with respect to the eyes, to the right or to the left, the hat translates a message that only the insider or connoisseur can decode. - On the left, this position means nobility - On the right expresses,...