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The African jewel is an essential element of the feminine finery:

A large selection of African jewelry is offered. Find necklaces, wax, earrings, Masai beaded bracelets, in gold, silver, wood and more. Adorned with cowries, loincloths or kenté, traditional Tuareg jewel, Togo bracelet made of coconut slivers, Ghana jewelery, in bone of recovery or in bronze bead, entirely realized by African creative craftsmen for the only ethical market place Africa

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Price $28.08

African pouch, bracelet, necklace and earring set including Necklace (made of pearls), Bracelet, earrings (made of wax fabric) and African pouch (made of wax leather fabric). This set of African accessories will make you elegant in your evenings and outings. Suitable for all women who want to be African fashionable.