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A large selection of African necklaces, long or medium necklaces, neck of wax, gold, silver, wood or brass, decorated in fabrics, kenté, loincloth, bogolan. Necklace in cowrie or necklace in colored paste of Ghana, or African necklace in old pearls (beads of agate or carnelian dig, necklace in beads of barter, koffi, coconut.Bought directly by the African creators on their shop Neoafrica Delivery worldwide.

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Price $14.60

Ce magnifique Collier est fait a la main de perles traditionnelle et de Wax Africain. Il ira a merveille sur toutes vos tenues. Il as de magnifiques couleurs gaies et chatoyantes. N'hésitez pas à nous contacter pour toutes autres informations.

Price $18.53

African blue wave necklace handmade in recycled knit with small beads. This african necklace can be worn on all outfits, preferably on strapless dresses. Suitable for all women to be African fashion.Contact us for more information.