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African fabric in decoration

Wide choice of African fabrics. Find wax, batik, kente, ankara, bazin, hitarget and vlisco fabrics. of your house Make the African fabric enter the decoration of your home, Furnishings to personalize your sofas with Kente, korhogo, wall fabrics or blackout curtains with African batiks which are Damask fabrics, in African household linen with Wax and other African prints, Sailing for your bay windows with light African cotton sails and even carpets with the solid Raphia from Central Africa; with you can also do with many objects of African deco. Ethnic Deco is fashionably inserted y African fabric to spice up your decor. All our fabrics come from artisanal production verified and controlled by us When you order it is to them that you order directly.Neoafrica delivers from Africa all over the world.

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