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A wide selection of African ensembles and costumes for men. Men's suits in wax in batik, in ankara. Traditional African outfits for men revisited by the creative sellers of neoafrica. Held in Kente, the African men's 3-piece Agbada black outfits from Nigeria, men's tunics, Jalabiya, men's boubous.

Neoafrica delivers the products of its creators approved sellers all over the world.

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African art shirt set made by an African creative craftsman. This beautiful shirt named "messenger" shows you the African fashion according to the ethical norm of Neoafrica that delivers them to you all over the world.

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 Agbada is a ceremonial outfit that consists of three pieces: knotted pants that tighten towards the ankles, a long-sleeved shirt and a large sewn-in sleeveless dress shirt worn over it, made from cotton richly embroidered in traditional patterns. However, modern Yoruba people make Agbada from synthetic fabrics that look like silk.