Together Nana work in Africa


This "Nana work in Africa" set in Woodin is architecturally built by Neoafrica. With it, you can go to the office, eat at the restaurant for lunch in your business district. Comfortable and original, this African garment is easy to wear for all your activities. With an excellent price-quality ratio, the Woodin brand of the same name as its creator has become a quality label.

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This African style top and skirt set is made to order. Whether you choose a standard size or custom sizes, your dress will be made upon receipt of your order by our designers.

Sizes XS (cm)

-Chest size: 80

-Waist circumference: 62

-Basin tower: 86

SIZE S (cm)

-Chest circumference: 84

-Waist circumference: 66

-Pool tower: 90

SIZE M (cm)

-Chest circumference: 92

-Waist circumference: 74

-Basin tower: 98

SIZE L (cm)

-Chest circumference: 100

-Waist circumference: 82

-Pool tower: 106

SIZE XL (cm)

-Chest circumference: 114

-Waist circumference: 94

-Pool tower: 118


-Chest circumference: 126

-Waist circumference: 106

-Pool tower: 130

SIZE 3XL (cm)

-Chest circumference: 138

-Waist circumference: 118

-Pool tower: 142

African clothing, African fashion with African wax loincloth

NB: These measurements are standard measurements; however, the customer has the possibility to send us these measurements after having placed the order and before the clothing is made

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