Where do your products come from?

The products on Neoafrica come from creators around the world even though the majority of products are made in Africa as part of a fair trade.

I live in Europe, how is it going?

Whether you are in Europe or America, as soon as your order is placed, Neoafrica will deliver it to you within the deadlines specified on the product sheet (03 to 10 days). You can also contact the seller via the "Contact the seller" button and agree on the delivery of the product you have ordered.

Are my payments secure?

Neoafrica guarantees secure payments thanks to its certified partners allowing secure 3D payment

What about your reviews?

Our opinions are very real and verified by an NF certified body. We do not retouch or moderate them, so you can rely on them 100%.

How can I be sure of my clothing size? What if the size doesn't fit me?

Our sellers in Africa make the effort to respect European, American and universal measurements. But sometimes the measurements may not match. Neoafrica offers you the possibility when you place your order to leave a message about the order ( the text field on the order page with the heading "Leave a message about the order"). For example, you can add your exact measurements even if you order your size so that the seller can adjust the clothing to suit your needs.

How to install the application Neoafrica on phone and Computer / PC?

Install the Neoafrica lite web application on your smartphone and browse faster.

Do not forget to authorize the sending of website notifications in order to receive push notifications on new products, offers and especially to follow the status of your orders.
On phone
During your first navigation on in the browser Chrome (Android) or Safari (iOS), you will see a popup at the bottom asking you "Add to your home screen". Simply click on it and the installation of the application will be done automatically (you will not need to go to PlayStore or AppStore).
In case you have not yet installed neoafrica on your phone by the popup, you can do it simply by:
  1. going to the site with the browser chrome or safari
  2. opening the browser options
  3. clicking on the option "Add to home screen"
On Computer / PC
  1. Go to the website
  2. Open your browser options
  3. Click on the option "Install Neoafrica" ​​then "Install"

If you don't see the "Install Neoafrica" option, just pick the "Add to Home screen" option.


How to open a shop on Neoafrica?

Do you want to sell your creations to the world? Neoafrica allows you to open a free shop and sell them there
  1. Click "Open My Shop" or other equivalent links from the site to get started. For e-commerce compliance reasons, you must open a customer account before you can open a seller account. Open your shop now
  2. Fill out the corresponding fields of the account creation page with your precise information (Neofrica is committed to protecting them and not distributing them, for more read our GTU et Legal Notice )
  3. For a nice shop page, please add a 300 * 400 pixels profile profile image

How does your shop work?

Now that you have opened your shop, improve it by:
  1. Adding information about the product in the "information" tab of your dashboard: Indicate the Product Name, its Reference in your shop (useful to find you when ordering and shipping the product), Description product brief (summary highlighted on the product page) and the long description of the product

  2. Adding your prices in the "Price" tab: you can add an HT price (excluding taxes), an offer price (price after reduction or promotion), the tax rate corresponding to your country (choose in the drop-down list) ), or simply add the price including VAT

  3. Adding the categories to which you want your product to be associated in the "Associations" tab: choose the category that best corresponds to your product by scrolling down the list of categories, checking yours and validating your choice

  4. Creating your delivery method in the "Delivery" tab: Neoafrica gives you the freedom to create and choose your own delivery methods. Create your carrier by the corresponding form and it will appear on your product sheets. If you want to use Neoafrica carriers, please contact us through your seller account, your customer account or by writing to us.

  5. Defining the quantity of your product in the "Quantity" tab: very important, do not forget to add the quantity of the product created.
    Unless your product is made to order, there your product will be marked as out of stock with order allowed

  6. Defining the declination of the product if it has some, in the tab "Declinations": you have the possibility to declare your declinations of products by selecting the attributes in the drop-down menu (Color, Size, Texture etc ...) and the corresponding values, and above all you can combine them and declare their impact on the price and weight of the product.

  7. Adding product images in the "Images" tab: Images make the product more attractive and are very important in E-commerce. You have the possibility to add 3 images by products.
    P.S: We recommend the size 559 * 748 pixels

  8. Adding features in the "Features" tab: If your product has special characteristics, you can declare it.

For more information or help, do not hesitate to contact us.

How does Neoafrica work for sellers?

Neoafrica works in a very simple way.

  1. Open your shop and add your products
  2. When the buyer places an order on the site, you are notified directly by email or push notifications.
  3. You must confirm the order as soon as posible (48h at most), and ship it
  4. As soon as the order is shipped, the amount is credited to your virtual wallet less the commission imposed. Otherwise Neoafrica will be obliged to refund the buyer
  5. From then on, you can make transfers to the account of your choice as soon as you wish either by Bank Transfer or by Paypal Transferr

For sellers in Africa, Neoafrica provides its hub in Lomé for shipping to the world :
Neoafrica, through this hub, is in charge of shipping your products from Lomé to the destination of your order. All you have to do is send us your products, whatever the quantity or weight, and we will do the rest.
To take advantage of our hub or for any additional information, contact us by email at or by whatsapp on +228 97 22 96 81 or +33 7 50 58 05 28.

I am/will be on holiday, what should I do?

When you are on holiday or unable to fulfill your orders on your shop, you must deactivate your products by going to the "Products" page of your seller account and clicking on the status icon under the "Status" column. If you have several products, click on "Grouped actions", "Select all" and then "Disable selection". You can reactivate your products at any time.